It seems that the onset of artificial intelligence and online technologies has caused an age-old question to resurface: what is it that consumers want? Industries across the world are reassessing customer needs and expectations in order to better serve them as the future continues to progress. The property market is not exempt from this trend.

Modern estate agencies are reevaluating the desirable characteristics of agents in anticipation of the changing needs of a digitally-conscious consumer. While continued tech education is certainly recommended, you might be surprised to find that many customers still desire a certain level of uninhibited humanity from their estate agents. Specifically, the ideal estate agent:

Knows the area well

A well-qualified estate agent knows the ins and outs of their market territory and boasts familiarity with comparable pricing, local market trends, and neighborhood statistics. Estate agents with exceptional local knowledge will be able to answer questions quickly and correctly. They know how to price properties for the best chance of resale and advise clients on locations that best fit their needs. A strong local knowledge base goes a long way in meeting and exceeding client expectations without wasting their time.

Communicates openly and honestly

Honesty is one of the most important traits an estate agent can exhibit. A client should feel certain that their partnership is one of mutual respect built on a genuine desire to help them find exactly what they’re looking for as opposed to a superficial relationship forged to make a sale. Great estate agents aren’t afraid to answer the tough questions or realign client expectations if it means the customer will benefit in the long run.

Works efficiently and effectively

Nothing is worse than an estate agent that is uncommunicative or unorganized. Clients depend on agents that can respond quickly to the rapidly evolving situations that are so prevalent in the property market. Buying or selling a home can be stressful for many individuals, and it’s comforting to know that the estate agent can step in when timelines are tight or processes are tedious. An estate agent that makes himself available and displays an organized workflow is a positive asset to any transaction.

Understands the power of listening

Communication is not a one-way street. Yes, it is important for an estate agent to possess the fortitude necessary to manage the viability of client demands, but it is just as important that he truly understand the root of those demands. Taking the time to truly listen to what a customer is saying is the best way to identify their needs on the most basic level, giving the estate agent all the information required to problem solve should the need arise.

Embraces both technology AND humanity

The digital era is upon us and potential clients are using various technologies to assist them with their property needs. They research properties online, communicate digitally, and in some cases, complete electronic paperwork. It’s a convenient way for them to engage. That being said, numerous clients still expect that a certain level of humanity is brought to their transactions. They are embarking on a highly personal journey and often require an estate agent that can understand and address both joys and challenges. Well-qualified estate agents balance the latest technology trends with interpersonal relationships in a seamless manner.