Neil Newstead

Sales, Letting and Block Management

Neil Newstead has been an industry leader for over 20 years.

Neil Newstead is the CEO and co-founder of Oakfield Estate Agents in East Sussex, United Kingdom. With over 20 years of experience, Neil has expertly lead his company through services such as sales, lettings, and block management. Neil has focused his business and career around client service and strives to empower each of his employee’s throughout Oakfield’s four branches to lead their work in the same manner. In addition to all of his career successes, Neil Newstead also spends a great amount of time volunteering in his community and giving back. Thanks in large part to his dedication to excelling in his craft and his time spent serving in the Army, Neil’s focus on service is prevalent in every aspect of his life.

“Customer service is our number 1 priority! I work with my staff to ensure they are experts in their fields, drawing from my own 20 years of experience to help them develop their own knowledge.”

-Neil Newstead, on his dedication to client service and staff confidence.

Neil Newstead’s property career began after he left the Army in 1995. While working for a local property company, Neil gained as much knowledge as possible and used his entrepreneurial spirit to imagine his own company that would allow him to grow as an industry leader while the business grew as well. Neil has always had the drive to succeed, and Oakfield Estate Agents provided an excellent opportunity to problem solve and expand within the market, two areas of great interest to Neil. By growing his business, Neil has been able to work on the move while meeting new people and with a variety of industry experts.

Oakfield Estate Agents has been so successful that Neil Newstead has been able to open three branches; one located in East Sussex in Hastings, another in Eastbourne, one in East Sussex, and the head office in St. Leonards. Neil makes it a priority to spend equal time at all branches to ensure a smooth operation and cohesion of company standards. By working closely with his teams, Neil has cultivated a positive working environment that grew from a one-person operation to nearly forty employees.

Today Neil Newstead has built his venture into one of the leading estate agencies in his region thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to his clients, and leadership skills. Oakfield Estate Agents is widely known for their superb client service and wonderful staff. Neil has been able to pass on his sales experience and wisdom about estate matters to Oakfield Estates’ many talented employees. All of the group’s marketing consultants have excellent knowledge of the local area, and are more than happy to provide personalized insight to everyone they help in the housing journey.

Neil Newstead has considered client service to be his top priority in all aspects of his business, whether that be while marketing, selling, teaching his employees, or leading his teams. In an industry where competition is heavy, it’s been important to Neil that he also equip his staff with industry experts and driven individuals who also share the same views on client service. This distinction has set Oakfield Estate Agents apart from others and has garnered several awards and recognition in the process. They are a National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP) certified business which has also led to an affiliation with and approval from the Association of Residential Letting Agents, National Association of Estate Agents, and the Institute of Residential Property Managers. All of these qualifications are of great interest to Oakfield’s current clientele, and will no doubt play a role in the future acquisition of employees and clients as well.

Oakfield Estate Agents pride themselves on their tight-knit family feel. Neil Newstead encourages his staff to collaborate and work together closely to ensure the success of the entire institution. He knows that in order to workers to do the best job possible, they need to be happy and secure in their positions. He is proud of his employees dedication to their clients and place of work. He encourages them to be professional and committed, and his instruction is clear in the way they interact with their clients. Oakfield Estates has many, many happy customers.

Neil Newstead certainly has his hands full! He manages more than 900 properties in Oakfield lettings and his management portfolio. The company’s expansive block management portfolio currently includes 58 blocks and 630 units. Taking care of all these units while still keeping clients and employees happy is a difficult task, but Neil makes it look easy. Through his attention to detail and excellent leadership, Neil is able to successfully manage all these properties, run the office, and have time for his additional ventures.

Not only has Neil Newstead successfully run Oakfield Estate Agents over the last twenty years, but he has also been a property developer. He runs his own development company known as Breathe Developments. This group’s developments include a set of 28 luxury apartments, called Stone Court. They are located in St Leonards. In total, they have a gross development value of £5.5 million. Once the apartments were completed, his group also built four semi-detached houses on the site. Neil also has even more grand plans for the future! Neil Newstead’s group also undertook the conversion project for an old Methodist church in St. Leonards. Today the property takes care of five flats, and has a gross development value of £2 million. Neil’s other previous developments included refurbishing flats and converting residential care homes into residential flats.

Neil is actively involved in sharing his knowledge with others. He’s known in the office for working hard to improve the confidence of his staff. He has plenty of experience in the estate industry, but also is happy to talk about entrepreneurship, business, and leadership. Neil Newstead prioritizes capacity building, because he knows that a more knowledgeable and confident staff will be able to meet his clients’ needs. He enjoys sharing his deep knowledge of the industry with others in both face-to-face conversations, through posts on his blogs, and sharing relevant articles on his social media accounts.

Although Neil leads a very busy life, he certainly doesn’t believe in all work and no play. Over the years he’s created a healthy work-life balance. He doesn’t just seek to create a family-like atmosphere at his workplace, but savours spending time with his family outside of work.

When Neil Newstead is not working, you can find him at home raising his two children, seven-year-old Madison and four-year-old Austin, alongside his loving wife. Neil Newstead is taking the time to enjoy his family at this young age and enjoys spending time with his family loving life. They love to take trips to the zoo, go bowling, swim, and travel. Outside of the UK and Europe, Neil and his family have also taken several holidays in America.

For more about Neil Newstead, his dedication to client service, and industry news about real estate, marketing, and sales, stay tuned to Neil’s blog page, as new content will be posted regularly.

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