Creating a marketing plan for your estate agency is a daunting task. A good plan can lead to many successful closed deals. A poorly developed plan could be a waste of valuable resources, which would hurt your organisation and profits. Developing a proper plan takes plenty of work, but it will certainly pay off and direct more clients to your estate agency!

Determine Your Vision and Goals

Before you develop your marketing campaign, you need to have a clear vision statement. What is your goal? Can you articulate it in a sentence? You should have a vision that includes both your short term goals and your long term goals. Having a consistent vision statement will help you reach these goals and keep you on the right track. You should make all choices regarding your marketing plan with your goals at the front of your mind.

Who is Your Target Audience?

You can’t market to everyone successfully. You need to choose a demographic, or your target customers. This audience could be renters or sellers. It could also be more specific. Perhaps you want to reach first-time home buyers. Keep this target audience in mind as you make decisions about marketing your company.

What Makes Your Agency Unique?

You should ask yourself what sets your agency apart from the others in the area. What makes your agency unique from the rest of the competition? What can your group offer that others may not be able to? Once you determine those characteristics, figure out how to pitch them to your potential clients. How do these qualities fit into your marketing plan?

Develop Your Budget and Pick Your Tools

Before you finish putting together your marketing plan, you need to determine your budget. This way you will know your limitations. Determine the best methods of marketing for your demographic. Do they prefer advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram? Email newsletters? Or perhaps even signs in local hangouts? Calculate how these tools will fit into your budget. Once you’ve done that you can put your plan into action!

Track Your Success

Don’t forget to track your progress after you launch your plan. How many impressions did your online advertisements receive? Ask you clients how they heard about you, and make a note of their answers. This will help you determine what parts of your plan worked and what portions failed. You can take this data into account the next time you create a marketing plan.