For estate agencies, perfecting your online images is crucial to attracting new customers and standing out in the industry. Estate agency photography affects your reputation and determines how professional you are as an agency. If you want to understand the importance of image marketing and how to embrace it, there are a few main facts to learn.

Get Leverage From Pictures

After you find a quality image to use, attempt to get as much leverage out of it as possible. Consider using a specific photo in multiple ways, whether it’s in your advertisements, on your website, or on different social media platforms. You’ll need to make sure that the images can be viewed on multiple different devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets. Consider using responsive web design, which will allow all of the pages on your website to be optimized for various screen sizes to ensure that everything looks professional and high-quality regardless of viewing device.

Choose the Right Images

The actual images displayed on your website will determine if your brand appears to be of a high-quality or perhaps outdated, making it necessary to choose the right images each time your post. In today’s digital age, buyers and sellers want to virtually tour potential properties before deciding on an in-person visit. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of the properties you represent. Their high-quality equipment and advanced level of experience will help to present your images in the best possible light.

Use Optimized Images

Many estate agencies underestimate the power of optimized images. If your website currently has images that take several seconds to load, it can cause visitors to leave the site and check out a competitor instead. Major search engines like Google also “penalize” sites with images that are slow to load or improperly titled. Ensure each picture you upload has an accurate title and description, and verify that it is small enough to load quickly, but large enough to see clearly.

Select High-Resolution Images

Using low-resolution images on your website will lead to frustrated clients and decreased website traffic. Make it a point to find high-resolution images that are clear and crisp, which will prevent them from looking outdated or pixelated on your website. High-resolution images with good color balance and pleasing angles can improve your reputation as an agency, directing more potential clients to your website for the best photos of a particular property.

Estate agencies using proper image marketing techniques in the digital age are in a position to attract and maintain sellers and buyers quickly and effectively.